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Home Goods

The reality is that doing business today is no longer just about profit.  Business is also about creating shared value, meeting responsibilities to contribute to economic development and giving back to our communities and our planet. This is what Josh learned while sourcing decorative home furnishing out of South Africa. 


Meeting manufacturers that had such a focus for social issues as employing HIV+ artisans, cleaning up the coastal beaches and donating portions of their profits for feeding the poor, really had a profound effect on him.  Such quality home furnishing that were handmade, one of a kind or turned trash into art was so effective at touching his heart that he prize these styles to this day.


Such products as: baskets made of recycled telephone wire, safari animal sculptures carved out of polystyrene flip-flops that washed ashore from China, table linens woven from native cotton and  ceramics from mother earth were all in the mix to make this eclectic collection that celebrates South Africa and it’s beautiful people.

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